Wrap-around anchor bracelet. Unisex. S$5. Now accepting orders. Wrap-around charm bracelet coming soon.

Wrap-around anchor bracelet. Unisex. S$5. Now accepting orders. Wrap-around charm bracelet coming soon.

"The beach reminded me of you. It was hot and beautiful. :)"

Before I told you “I miss you” in response to what you’ve said, “The beach reminded me of you. It was hot and beautiful,” I analysed my thoughts first. It took me about 5.5 hours to process what I was thinking and what emotion I felt with your words. What you’ve said reminded me of the dates we had where we’ll (or just you rather) talk about sex where everybody can hear us. I wished that you could tell me that in person too and I have concluded that I indeed missed you. We have been seeing each other in the past 3 consecutive weeks and this is the first weekend we didn’t see each other, thus, i should miss you.

If you think that I’m too quick, I want to tell you that yes, I really over think things. If I don’t, I could have said I love you right after when I gave in.

When I said, “I miss you” I just want you to know that. I don’t expect you would feel the same way but I prefer you could say something. Maybe “I need time to think for the most appropriate response” or “thank you” perhaps or let me know if you don’t like me saying that, just let me know.

By the way, I have the book now, “A Younger Man.” I hope that this will give me insight to what can happen with two gay men with such age gap.


Conquered Paoay! 🏄 (at Paoay Sand Dunes, Ilocos Norte)

galeria nuestra señora de caridad @bantay, ilocos sur

galeria nuestra señora de caridad @bantay, ilocos sur

$20 Fashion Finds

In this season of sale, like any other, i can’t find a size left for me. I am now a normal size which is to be happy about. I was at H&M waiting for my movie to start, since i can’t find any on sale item for myself, i checked the accessories and I found these items.

For 17.90SGD you get a suspender and bow tie together. I’m nota fan of suspenders because they give me a weggy every time i wear them. But, I want to check myself wearing suspenders for the “Wear something black Wednesday” gimmick. It is really nice that it comes with a bow tie which I can try as well. The sunnies costs 14.90SGD, lesser than what it looks.

H&M hennes & mauritz sunglasses bow tie suspenders men's accessories

"Oh the cleverness of me!" - Peter Pan, 2003

I’m still overwhelmed about my Halloween costume at work. I was able to pull off a Peter Pan costume from scratch quickly. I really don’t like the uniform we have at work so I’ve never worn it before until today. I asked for a large size shirt because I need a top that can cover my crotch area. I used safety pins to imitate the details in Peter Pan’s top by making raffles on the sleeve and bottom seams. I borrowed a pair of leggings from my colleague for the Peter Pan pants. Since I don’t have brown shoes, i used long socks and rolled it down until my ankle. For additional effect which I didn’t include in the video, add pingpong balls in each sock to make it similar to Peter Pan’s shoes. As for the hat, i used green A3 paper which I found in my classroom and lucky enough to have the same colour as my shirt then I added a red feather from the craft shelf. I made my own belt from a string my colleague gave me yesterday. As additional prop, I made my own dagger from card board, aluminum foil and tape.

peter pan disney costume halloween school teacher DIY diy projects

$20 Fashion Finds

I’m on hiatus in shopping this month so I don’t have anything new. It’s tough I know but I’ve decided that whenever I get my salary at the end of the month, I’ll wait for one month before I buy something such as clothes or accessory so I can manage my spending. So, I looked around my room to see what I have that is less than SG$20. Beaded bracelets are on trend and these are some of the beaded bracelets I have.


Weaved beads bracelet, H&M, SG$3.9

Beads bracelet (Orange, multicolour wood beads and Stone beads), Bugis Village, SG$4 each

H&M beads bracelet bracelets Accessories Accessory mens accessories bugis bugisstreet singapore sg Mens Fashion mens wear mens style

With A Puppy & Missing Door

I took a nap yesterday afternoon and I dreamt about having a puppy and the struggle to keep it. The photo is the type of dog which was in my dream.

I’m renting a room and I am not allowed to have a pet but one day I brought a puppy in my room. I tried to make sure that everything is closed so that no one will see that I have a dog inside. A friend visited to see my puppy. When my friend was about to leave, I escort her out and when I’m back, my neighbor’s wife was standing by my door walking around.

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In Western Perspective And Asian Intervention

Last Wednesday, I had Neus, colleague from Catalan, in my class. She was a great help. While the children were doing their language classes, Neus and I had a chance to chit-chat. I told her that I want to see a guru that can help me with my problem of attachments with material things and perspective in happiness. Her reply that I can remember is "…most Asian people love to spend and buy branded things and show them off to make them look extravagant. most Asians care about social status significantly and I see that here." That statement came to me like a canon ball. It wasn’t negative because its true. The people she know in the west are already happy in little things. She know people who have expensive things and doesn’t care about what other people think. Another thing she shared with me is her experience with her best friends in Singapore who have executive husbands. They were going to have lunch and she only have SG$10 with her. Her friends didn’t treat her badly or showed pity. Instead, they accommodated her situation and looked for a place where SG$10 will fit. She told me that there are a lot of things to do in SIngapore that doesn’t need much of spending to enjoy time because thats what they frequently do.

I was being defensive of my experience and personal life. When I arrive in Singapore, I started buying things I cant afford in Philippines and I enjoyed it too much that it was almost an addiction. Another thing is that in my lifestyle, appearance matters big time. Your kind of job matters. Where you took your degree matters. Your lifestyle matters. Your body built matters. Your race matters. How you spend your free time and money matters. All these things matters because people will judge and I, myself, is (was, getting there) afraid of judgement and loosing confidence and friends.

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DIY Hat Organizer

I’m having an interest with hats lately so I decided to have my hats stored properly. Normally, I’ll just stack them on top of each other. Most people do that but then I realized that we are actually damaging our hats. There are hat organizers available in the market. However, these hat organizers are generally for caps and beanies or it can only hang few hats. I’ve looked for DIY hat organizer tutorial in the internet see the link below) before making my own.

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